Understand and learn fluent Spanish

At Citadel, you learn about the many aspects of the Spanish language. Our courses cover everything that you need to know about speaking, reading and writing. Citadel’s special lesson program helps to develop your grammar and expand your vocabulary.

Interactive, diverse and fun

By working with small groups, we ensure that the lessons remain interactive, diverse and fun. We take you through the material in a playful, interactive way so you can learn the language as enjoyable and effective as possible.

Small groups, high effectiveness

Our group lessons contain a maximum of 6 participants. This ensures that there is room for personal attention to each participant. Our Spanish courses are fast paced so you can quickly put the Spanish knowledge to use.

Spanish classes online and face-to-face

Are you unable to come to the school or is it simply more convenient for you to learn from home? No problem! Besides our face-to-face courses, the Citadel team has experience teaching online courses as well. We thereby employ a wide range of digital tools that make our classes fun and effective.

Why Citadel?

Native Spanish-speaking teachers

Small groups, more individual attention

Actively working with the language

Interactive approach

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