Several frequently asked questions

At Citadel you get Spanish lessons in a fun and personal way. It has been proven that you learn faster and the knowledge lasts longer when you experience fun while learning.

Moreover, you can expect craftsmanship from us. We have lots of experience in teaching the Spanish language at all levels and for every conceivable purpose. Partners of Spanish speakers who wanted to talk to in-laws, professionals who had to do business in Spanish-speaking countries or simply language lovers have already learnt Spanish with us!

Do you want to learn even more about the founder or our method? You can read more about us here or book a free intake.

Yes, we also organise online courses. The prices and conditions remain the same as for lessons on location. During your registration you can choose for either format.

Our goal is to teach the lessons in Spanish as much as possible. However, on occasions it might be useful to explain the grammar in English, especially in the first levels.

You can sign up both for group or private courses here.

Group lessons start 5 times a year. Tailor-made courses can start any time. You can register for both here.

No, all school holidays are also class-free periods with us. Citadel is also closed during national holidays.

We are fully aware that missing a class can happen due to vacation, work, illness or other unforeseen circumstances. That’s okay. Your teacher will inform you what you missed during class and which homework is involved. If you follow an online course and let your teacher know in advance that you are unable to attend a lesson, he or she can even record it for you.

Would you still rather catch up with the lesson you missed? In that case you can book a private lesson. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

We use material that matches our interactive method. Gente Hoy is a series of textbooks from the prestigious publisher Difusión that promote intuitive language learning. You can order the books during your registration to make sure they are ready for you when attending the first class.

You can order the material during your registration in case you follow face-to-face classes. That way it will be ready for you when attending your first class. We strongly recommend you choose this option, because that way you know for sure you have the right books available on time. Another option is to buy the books elsewhere. In that case, make sure you have the right ones! There are also German editions of some books available. At Citadel we work exclusively with the Spanish edition.

Are you following an online course? In that case we’ll share a link with you to ensure you order the right books. We recommend you do his well in advance, at least one week before the course starts.

These are the level descriptions of the European Framework of Reference. In other words, these classifications indicate the level of mastery of a language, so that language teaching and examinations adhere to the same standard. Do you want to know what is expected of you within the different levels? Click here to read more.

We do our best to make Citadel a safe place to learn languages. We stay informed on the last regulations and follow them thoroughly.

We ask all our students for their cooperation. You can contribute to this safety by following the regulations in the classroom. We would also like to hear from you as soon as possible if you experience symptoms related to the coronavirus.

Despite all these precautions, there is still a chance, however small, of getting infected in the classroom or on the way here. This is something that you will have to take into consideration before signing up for our courses.

We have adjusted the classroom to make sure all RIVM measures can be complied with. However, should future circumstances make classroom teaching impossible, we will ensure that the course can continue online.

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